Enrique Iglesias – Turn The Night Up

Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Turn The Night Up’ music video is the 7th Music Video I’ve worked on with him. Shot over two days the idea was to come up with some visuals, which would match the pace of the track as well as show Enrique in a slightly different light. We shot this video with very little prep time, so from the minute we got the call, it was all hands on deck to make the project happen and hit the videos release deadline. It’s fairly self explanatory what the video’s about, so I won’t go into any detail with regards to that. Shot on a Red Epic camera, due to it’s small size with Zeiss super speed lens for their weight and speed our grip made a nice body rig for Enrique to wear and for the camera to sit on. The rig protruded some 4 feet away from Enrique’s body and I would imagine was quite uncomfortable to wear.

The most fun part of the shoot for me was filming the car shots with Enrique driving. Even though these shot’s were very basically filmed with a simple car mount, watching Enrique pull donuts in the middle of the street in an Aston Martin was high entertaining. I’ll be the first to admit, Enrique really knows how to drive!

DOP’d by Ketil Dietrichson, who is always a pleasure to work with we had a great couple of days making this. Hope you enjoy it!

Universal International Music B.V. Director, Editor, Producer www.universalmusic.com