Director | Editor | Creator

‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’ ~Rumi

Yasha is an internationally renowned director and editor, based in London, with an established reputation of delivering  projects from shoot to fine-polished post-production. With a background in music production Yasha has developed a strong foundation in editing, and personally edits the majority of his own videos as well as commissioned pieces.

Yasha’s videos have amassed close to 6 billion YouTube views; his versatile approach to cinematic storytelling has led to many successful collaborations with international artists and global creatives from a variety of genres. Clients include Enrique Iglesias, Lil Wayne, Lionel Richie, J. Cole, Skinny Bitch Collective, Usher, Bally, Sharon Stone, Poker Stars, Sean Paul, Dr. Martens, Pitbull, Atlantico Rum, Danny Trejo, Nas, Mexico Tourism Board, Christina Ricci, Ed Sheeran, Wisin and many more.

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