Stafford Brothers – Hello feat Christina Milian & Lil Wayne

As with all Music Videos now days this video came very last minute and due to artists schedules we really didn’t have any time to plan or prepare. All we knew is that we could use the Stafford Brothers house in LA, we could throw a party and we had no time. Cool :)

The only thing that changed from this ‘plan’ was that at 9pm the night before the shoot we decided to go to In and Out Burger and we hired a kangaroo, as you do.

On the shoot day everything pretty much went to plan. Christina Milian arrived on time and was an absolute gem to work with. The Stafford Brothers really got involved, helping out behind the scenes and taking direction very well. Lil Wayne turned up late, in classic Hip-Hop fashion, which meant we had to change 2/3rds of the video. Wayne was also feeling under the weather so he could only give us two takes, which for a normal artist would have been devastating. But this is Lil Wayne, the total professional, so when he does his thing even if it’s just one time, he does his thing!

Shot on a Red Epic, a set of Kowa anamorphic lens, a big fat ring light, and the shakiest doorway dolly you’ve ever seen, no time and a kangaroo, we made a party video!

Cash Money Records Inc. Director, Editor, Producer