Enrique Iglesias – Dirty Dancer feat Usher & Lil Wayne

This project was a very interesting one indeed, involving Ethan Lader, Jeff Dotson and myself. We shot the whole video nearly entirely green screen with only the addition of a real chair, two walls and a pole dancing pole, oh and some human beings! We shot Usher’s part in a studio in New York, whilst Enrique Iglesias and Lil Wayne’s part’s were shot in Los Angeles. Thomas Kloss DP’d the video and Jeff Dotson and his team at Dot & Effects did all the impressive VFX work. Shot on an Arri Alexa with most of the VFX work being carried out in Maya, After Effects and Cinema 4D. I spent a good 3 weeks at Dot & Effects HQ in Temecula, California directing the VFX work, which was a great experience that I learnt a lot from. Cannot wait for my next VFX based shoot!

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