Paulina Rubio – Boys Will Be Boys

I have just finished directing a new video for Mexican singer Paulina Rubio called ‘Boys Will Be Boys.’ The premise for the video is that there is a house where all of these so called ‘boys’ go to play. This is Paulina’s house and we’re lead to believe that regardless of what does it for them they’re having fun. However half way through the video Paulina has a change of heart and all of her sexy helpers take their revenge of the gentlemen in the house. The narrative for the video was only supposed to be very lose, so don’t stress if you didn’t get it and the video is more about Paulina looking amazing and showing her in a different light to how we’ve seen her before. Paulina had a lot of energy on the day, which was great and coped really well with the last minute choreography and cold house we shot in.

We shot this on an Arri Alexa with Hawk V+ Anamorphics, DP’d by Ed Wild, who did an amazing job making it look luxurious and rich. I had someone build an assembly of the edit and then I spent a couple of days editing it myself, before it got graded by Denny Cooper @ Rushes.

Universal Music Spain, S.L. Director, Editor, Producer