Enrique Iglesias – I Like How It Feels feat Pitbull

‘I Like How It Feels feat Pitbull‘ was the fourth Music Video I have been involved with for Enrique Iglesias. Most of the footage for the video was not at first intended for this use and was just archive footage that we had been filming whilst travelling with Enrique and his team. However when hearing the track for the first time a montage style video seemed the perfect fit. I had great fun shooting this video as I personally got to film most of the footage, as opposed to using a cinematographer like I normally do. But it must be stated that we did grab lots of footage off different camera operators along the way, so I can’t take all the credit, even executive producer Kasra Pezeshki got his hands dirty at some points filming on his phone! It was shot on a massive range of DSLR’s like Canon 7D’s, Canon 5D Mark II’s, the odd bit of RED One footage and a few snippets from some HD Broadcast cameras. Maxim Bohichik initially edited the video and then I spent a further 4 days tweaking and further spicing up the edit before having the whole video graded by Denny at Rushes in Soho.

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