Enrique Iglesias – Finally Found You feat Sammy Adams

Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Finally Found You’ music video was his 6th music video I have had the pleasure of working on. It was a fairly straight forward idea, but due to artist schedules we had to travel a fair bit at very short notice and ‘patch work’ together a lot of the video. For instance some of the club shots were shot in LA in a night club and others were shot in an apartment we had dressed in Miami. We shot the video on a variety of Alex Cameras, the Alexa M, Alexa Studio and the normal Alexa with a set of Kowa Anamorphics and a set of Master Primes.

Two versions of the video were eventually released. One featuring up and coming American rapper Sammy Adams and a remix version featuring Reggaeton artist Daddy Yankee.

This was the second project I had got to work with Diego Hurtado De Mendoza from Madrid on and it was another great experience!

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