Enrique Iglesias – Ayer

As simple as it is, this maybe my favourite video I have ever shot! Big words I know :)

We shot Ayer with very little preparation, as it was a last minute decision whilst we were shooting Enrique Iglesias’ ‘Dirty Dancer’ video. Getting the go ahead only three days before shooting and whilst shooting another video made us we bring Director Evan Winter over from Canada to help ease the work load. Our original idea for the video was not intended to be a one shot video. In fact we shot the video so that it could have been a one shot, two shot or normal multiple shot video. Some of the other shots included a beautiful model running through a woodland, Enrique performing in an all white environment and lots of cut aways of fire and a room burning, but it was always my hope that we could make it a one shot video.

I edited the video, which was a lot harder than it sounds as it involved some very subtle time stretching in places to make sure everything was in time. Then we added some very gentle visual effects to help bring a touch of magic to the performance, but all of the fire is real.

It was shot on an Arri Alexa camera, shot in LA, DP’d by Thomas Kloss and graded by Dave Hussey.

Universal Music Latin Entertainment Director, Editor, Producer www.universalmusica.com